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    In 1928, following the murder of a white dingo trapper, Central Australia would witness the last known massacre of it's indigenous people. With over one hundred killed during a series of punitive expeditions, now known as the Coniston Massacre, many lived to tell of the wholesale slaughter of inn...

  • Inventions From The Shed

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    From the extraordinary to the eccentric, these stories delve deep inside the driven, obsessive and wacky world of the inventor.

    This series takes us deep into the inner sanctum of the inventor – the shed. That private place where they find their inspiration – and most of the working parts – fo...

  • Veiled Ambition

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    Cultures and couture collide when Frida, a feisty Lebanese Muslim woman from Melbourne, chases her dream of creating a fashion empire.

    Frida is a young Lebanese woman with a thick Aussie accent and a dream of creating her own fashion empire. When she wins $4000 in a radio competition, Frida op...

  •  Kabelbel
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    Filmed on entirely on location on Masahet Island, in the Lihir Island group, Kabelbel is a feature length documentary documenting the construction of a trade canoe traditionally used by the people from the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

  • Rodeo Road

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    Rodeo Road explores the unique cowboy culture of Australia’s far north west and the pursuit of the rodeo dream…

    Each year cowboys from across the Kimberley load up their saddles, chaps and wranglers and go rough riding. Some are local blackfellas born and bred in the saddle, others are young r...

  • Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls

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    The Sisters of St John of God have lived and worked amongst Aboriginal people in the Kimberley in the North West of Australia, for almost 100 years. This epic story of Irish and Australian nuns is set against the rich and tragic history of the Kimberley region and the government policies of the d...

  • Taylor Made

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    Phil Taylor lives in the northern NSW town of Murwillumbah and occasionally sells second hand cars at “Taylor Made Car Sales and Hire”. Every year his family enters a float in the town’s annual Banana Festival – but this year a cloud of smoke surrounds his entry to the parade. Director David Batt...


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    After 40 years in exile, Yulparitja elders take Daniel Walbidi, their most promising young artist, back to the desert heartland they left behind.


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    One small Australian community’s difficult but inspiring recovery from devastating bush fires. Then The Wind Changed shows human beings’ amazing potential to manage adversity and rise from despair.